Alkistis Kelessidi

Paintings ~ Mosaics
  Art & Life Coaching

When I started your course you immediately noticed my frustration. Somehow I could not get on canvas what I had in mind. You helped me, painting with you was healing. Thank you for your kindness, your help, your wisdom. ~ Jeanneke

Painting with the master teacher I lerned a lot more. You taught me to restore paintings and that was wonderful. ~ Theo

You are a very enthusiastic teacher and a lot of fun too! I was not very confident about my creations but now I am inspired to do more than I ever imagined. ~ Sandra

A lot of inspiration with new techniques. New doors were opened to me. You gave me the opportunity to develop my own style and gave me space. ~ Franny

Painting after so many years, you left me in peace to discover again. Helping when necessary you led me back to the roots, back to the basics. Back to drawing and painting at a lovely place, back to Greece. ~ Joke

I like your approach, the joy I feel in sharing and discovering. ~ Sophia

There is no land this beautiful, there is no person so lovale, so let me paint a saint, a sea. My humble hand abstracts this land. ~ Bregtje

Who's afraid of red, white, and palm trees? We did not want to break the rules, thank you for letting us bend them. With our combined mad ideas we most certainly inspired eachother ut it was your expert guidance that made sure our ideas turned into unique works of art. ~ Brenda

Thank you for your inspiration for new directions. I go home with bright colors in my heart. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. ~ Sophia

You taught me to focus better, to focus without labour. ~ Pierre

I liked very much that I could do my own things knowing you were there and I could ask your advice anytime. ~ Laetitia

In such a short time I learned so much and tried so many different things. I was allowed to make "mistakes" and really enjoyed the results. I am now much better equipped to go on on my own and experiment without hesitations. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience, for your patience, advice and motivation. ~ Irina

Thank you for your contribution to a splendid holiday. ~ Norma

I was happy to do my painting debut in your workshop. You gave me confidence and I had much fun with the assignments. ~ George

Thank you for the great lessons not only in painting. You have a big heart, open for everybody. ~ Angelique

I enjoyed the workshop very much. Although I already paint for several years I found out that there is always something new to learn. ~ Karin